About Us

Equipped with extensive garment industry experience, Judy Orvig-Miller started ‘An Initial Impression’ in 2003. She initially started this venture as a monogramming and gift shop, gradually adding more services and expanding her store steadily. Judy has run several clothing businesses in North and South Carolina with her husband Mitch, her perfect companion. Mitch assisted in embroidery, embellishment, and designing and spent significant time curating clothes, bags, jewelry, and accessories – personalizing them on customer demand.

The quality and desirability of apparel can make a significant difference in the wearer’s confidence. People tend to feel more expressive, bold, and confident when they carry clothing or accessories that help them represent what they are all about. Keeping this in mind, An Initial Impression was launched to provide a rich collection of products with the option to customize and personalize them per your preferences. Our meticulous services include several methods of product personalization such as garment printing, embroidery, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, stickers, etc.

A High Quality, Customized, and Self-Expressive Product Line

We are constantly focused on the intricate detailing of each product, ensuring they are tailor-made for you. With a customer-centric approach, we’ve served countless loyal and satisfied customers.


What Makes Us Unique

What makes us the first choice for many customers is the vast effort we put into our craft – designing a state-of-the-art product portfolio. We take pride in putting in our heart and soul to curate to make your shopping experiences worth remembering. You can choose your desired product to be personalized from our shop or send in your own to have them customized with text, logos, monograms, and images. We adhere to the principles of efficiency, expertise, and excellence, and that’s why our final products are in no less than pristine, artisanal forms.