Chemo Beanies Headcover

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Product Overview

The original, patented, slip-on head cover, CHEMO BEANIES® were designed by survivors for survivors specifically to ease the burden of baldness for women undergoing chemotherapy treatments. We simplified the search, and wanted to make it easy for warriors to solve the added burden of baldness during a difficult time. Women should be free to focus on their HEALTHCARE, not their HEADWEAR! Signature Slip-On beanie adds feminine volume, producing the subtle look and feel of having hair. The unique elastic design stretches for a comfortable and easy fit. Slips on and off with ease; No tying necessary. Our patented design features a fluent fabric flap for a polished look that provides full coverage around the nape of the neck.

machine wash cold/lay flat to dry

93% Rayon/Knit Blend Spandex 7% elastic band, nylon thread


(No reviews yet) Write a Review