Serial and social entrepreneur, plus award winning and published Artographer Mitch Schlimer was born in May of 1956 and from a very early age he looked at things very differently and once his father put a Polaroid "instant" camera in his hands at the age of 5, the rest is history as others could see and even feel that Mitch had this unique gift and vision to capture truly "1 in a 1,000,000 (Million) Moments" which he loved to share as even then he could see the special responses to his keen eye and deep love of photography.
Over the last 47 years, Mitch has been on a journey, driven by one singular goal and mission, and that is to one day leave this world a little better off from being here and to live a life of purpose especially making a difference in the lives of others while leaving a legacy that will help others to "Live Their Dreams" as Mitch also believes that "That Through Artography, Everything Is Possible".
Mitch Schlimer's unique journey has consisted of first being an athlete and a Tennis Professional and operating as Head Professional "Mitch Schlimer Tennis Centers" in both Roslyn, NY and Houston, TX in the late 70’s and early 80's and during this time at the age of 21 inventing the "Two Tone" (Orange/Green) Tennis Ball still sold today in a can of three which is over 46 years on the market and used by millions of Tennis players and even today by the USTA (United States Tennis Association) in their next generation tennis programs. From there Mitch started and as Founder, Chairman & CEO built and sold such companies as Impac International, Let's Talk Business Network(LTBN) to name a few. While running LTBN, Mitch for 20 years was the host of the national and award winning radio show called "Let's Talk Business" where each week Mitch as he says "was blessed to meet, interview and even become friends with some of the most successful Entrepreneurs of all time" which he never takes for granted. In 1999, Mitch was voted by his peers as "one of the most important radio show hosts in America" along with Howard Stern, Don Imus, Larry King and others and he now brings this same experience and talent to his "Every Photo Has A Story" Podcast.
It is during all this time Mitch followed his other deep passion of photography, as consistently over the decades someone would say to Mitch, "your photos look and feel like paintings" and hearing that enough Mitch's creative mind started calling and "positioning" himself an "Artographer" and his art "Artography". People from around the world not only paint from Mitch's images, but have bought his work yet he never did it seriously and not as a business, until today, as now he launches "Mitch Schlimer Artography", where "Every Photo Has A Story" and Mitch again can share his love of capturing the world and initially Mother Nature through his wildlife artography and those "one in a million moments" that many marvel at and say "how in the world did you get that Mitch”.
Mitch could see that when he told people the actual story behind the photo, they truly enjoyed the story and sometimes as much or even more then the photo, and therefore using his decades of experience on the radio, Mitch has now launched the Podcast "Every Photo Has A Story" that showcases a photo and shares the story how he got it, and so much more, including having other talented photographers on where one can learn from their experiences, knowledge and love of photography. Please know, Mitch coined the term "Phototherapy" over 15 years ago, as he could see and feel the power of a special image, and no surprise to him that photos started showing up on the walls of hospitals, doctors offices and other places as these photos are truly good for the heart and souls of fellow humans and today a driving force to why Mitch has created "Mitch Schlimer Artography". Mitch’s numerous Facebook groups and combined with his personal Mitch Schlimer Facebook page has over 8,300 members and followers from around the world who look forward to his posts virtually every day. By the way, Mitch also co-founded other meaningful ventures which includes the nonprofit "Magic Wand Foundation" created to empower our youth all over the world as helping our youth live their dreams is extremely important to Mitch as he continues to live a life of meaning and purpose and driven by the “Live To Give” mindset and therefore 10% of all profits is going to be donated to causes he really believes in and supports.
Today, Mitch Schlimer not only continues to shoot and share how he sees the world through "his keen eye and lens", while still pursuing his biggest vision and venture as the CEO and Executive Director of the EpiCenter and Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which he founded over a decade ago with the mission to help fellow Entrepreneurs and small business owners be more successful and one day build the EpiCenter and its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame where all could come from around the world to enjoy and learn from the journey's of the greatest Entrepreneurs that have ever lived.
Here at "Mitch Schlimer Artography" he shares and offers you his true proprietary "One In A Million Moments" from around the world in prints and that we feel sure you will want to purchase, plus even wear and give his unique merchandise line as gifts as Mitch is excited to share his vision and yes, "Artography and Phototherapy". Visit our Merchandise and Print Shop pages and see all the different items and ways “Mitch Schlimer Artography “ has been used for your buying pleasure.
Mitch loves to hear from people, including sharing your photo stories or any ideas you have, so feel free to E-mail him at mitch@mitchschlimerartography.com and don’t forget to listen to his podcast Every Photo Has a Story on Spotify, Apple, and other leading Podcast networks.